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Universities of Civil Engineering

To be accepted into a university with a top civil engineering program, students must have a strong background ...

Colleges for Music History

Many private and state colleges in the U.S offer courses in music history. Music history is an important ...

Richland County, South Carolina Public High Schools

Schools in Richland County, South Carolina, are divided into two districts -- Richland District One and Richland District ...

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College Degrees

Management Bachelor Degrees

Depending on the area of concentration, a student can study to receive a bachelor of science or bachelor ...

About Associate Degrees in Nursing

Completing an associate degree in nursing is one of the basic requirements in becoming a registered nurse (R.N.) ...

Post Graduate Degree Classifications

In the British job market, the value of students in the job market is often assessed by how ...

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College Life

Things to Put in a College Care Package

College students have a reputation for feeling broke, hungry and lonely. They often miss the comforts of home, ...

List of Private Universities in California

California's public colleges and universities are some of the best in the United States. The state's private universities ...

List Items for Care Packages for College

When your child goes off to college -- whether she is a car ride or plane ride away ...

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College Grants

Eligiblity for Hotel Management Schools

Degrees in hotel management are available at the bachelor's level from many four-year universities and at the associate ...

GPA Requirements for an Albertus Magnus Grant

A four-year, private and accredited institution that offers undergraduate degrees in more than 50 programs and graduate degrees ...

Post Graduate Courses in Construction

Postgraduate courses or degrees in construction, especially construction management, offer students the opportunity to obtain higher positions in ...

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What is Communications? The field of communications encompasses all forms of conveying knowledge, thinking, and ideas to others including speech, writing, acting, presentation of visual images and sound, etc. If you are interested in media, broadcasting, performing, journalism, telecommunications, computer presentation, movie making, public relations or the business aspects of any of these areas, a degree in communications may be right for you. Communications Degrees As with many areas of learning, communications is very diverse field that can ...Read more
Online College Classes
Convenience of Online Learning Equipped with only a computer and an internet connection, many college students have found that attending class is not nearly the ordeal it used to be. No longer bound by the shackles of location and time, students enrolled in online college classes can attend school from virtually anywhere, at anytime that fits within their busy schedules. With the explosive increase in distance learning courses, it is now possible to get a college degree ...Read more
Deciding if a Degree in Education is Right for You
Profile of a Teacher: Commitment, Passion, Openness The decision to earn a degree in education should be profoundly well-considered. Teaching is one of a few professions that require not only passion and dedication but also the precise personality and innate ability to practice them. The responsibility that lies with a teaching staff for young people and their development is massive and the decision whether we are prepared to take this responsibility cannot be precipitate. We have to ...Read more
Deciding if a Business Degree is Right for You
Business degrees are popular because they can provide a safe yet flexible career path. The degree can be applied to any industry, and the requirements to get the degree will give you a good overview of the different facets of a company. But like any area of study, some people are better suited than others to pursue a business degree. How can you tell if business is a good fit for you? Is Business a Good Fit ...Read more
Is an Online Degree Less Valid than One Earned at a Campus?
Confronted with Negative Talk I am an online student. I am learning. I am achieving. I am meeting my goal of earning a college degree. I am also constantly shocked by the amount of negative buzz surrounding online colleges . In researching online learning, I found a good deal of negative attacks launched specifically at the college I selected and at the online college system as a whole. If I am a candidate for a job and I ...Read more
Is a Degree in Design Right for You?
Design’ is a very broad area. It covers three-dimensional design, including Architecture Interior design Furniture design Textiles (linens, carpets) Fashion Jewelry Theater & film design (sets, props, costumes) Product design (domestic products, white goods, electronics) Automobile design and two-dimensional design, such as Graphic design Illustration Concept art Animation Web design Computer game design Design is all around us, and affects many aspects of our lives. Is a Degree in Design Right for You? There are a number of questions you can ask yourself in order to answer this question. Make sure you can answer yes’ ...Read more
5 Tips to Survive Your First Semester
Be organized. Choose a PDA, online calendar, paper organizer etc. to keep track of assignments and stay on schedule. Create a quiet zone. When studying from home, there’s plenty to distract you. Find a comfortable, quiet place where you can focus. Don’t procrastinate. Remember, you’re in school to learn. Manage your time and give yourself achievable deadlines so you don’t cram. Engage. Don’t be afraid to ask the instructor questions or get to know classmates via the online resources. Just ...Read more
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